Your Intent Is Important!

Because You are Interested in Transforming the Way You want to help people have better lives. . .


. . . Help Yourself to feel more confident, creative and influential.

The easy way to get all this is simply, learn how to hypnotise

In this Masterclass Jon teaches you

  • 5 steps of hypnotising
  • Recognising somnambulists
  • How to use Suggestion: Instant, Rapid, Shock Inductions
  • How to wake people with the "Hypnotic Buzz"

and even a version of a slow induction, because not everyone wants a Ferrari!

Your Bonus's

E-Learning essential and unique material to Academy of Hypnotic Arts Hypnosis Training

  • Don't Look In His Eyes!

    Jonathan's best selling book 'Don't Look In His Eyes' is included as a downloadable PDF manual. This will help you get insights into Jonathan's philosophy and idea of Hypnosis.
    One Amazon Reviewer said this of the book:
    "Finally a book about hypnosis that strips away the BS! Two years ago I quit my hypnosis practice after 20 years. This book is what hypnosis is really all about. I will read and re-read this book, and if you're a hypnotist, I recommend you do the same. This book has inspired me to get back to hypnosis."

  • Downloadable Audio

    With each lesson is a downloadable version of the video. You will be able to play this from your favourite device when you can't sit and watch the video.

  • Hypnos Head

    The Academy of Hypnotic Arts printable 'Hypnos Head'. Put this on your wall so you are never lost for the right words to say!

What You'll Learn

  • 1

    Class 1 - Overview / What hypnosis is and what it is not / common questions answered

    • Class 1 Overview Text

    • Lesson 1 Original Hypnosis Video

    • Audio track Original Hypnosis Lesson 1

    • Original Hypnosis Manual PDF

    • The Academy Hypnos Head never be without words PDF

  • 2

    Class 2 - The 5 INs (stages) of hypnosis

    • Class 2 Overview

    • Lesson 2 Original Hypnosis Class Video

    • Audio track Original Hypnosis Lesson 2

  • 3

    Class 3 - 5 step wakeup procedure The Hypnotic BUZZ

    • Class 3 Overview

    • Lesson 3 Original Hypnosis Class Video

    • Hypnotic-Buzz Wake-Up Script PDF

    • Audio track Original Hypnosis Lesson 3

  • 4

    Class 4 - 1on1 demonstrations of Hypnosis

    • Class 4 Overview

    • Lesson 4 Original Hypnosis Class Video

    • Audio track Original Hypnosis Lesson 4

  • 5

    Class 5 - The importance of keeping language simple / Demonstration of fast hypnotic induction.

    • Class 5 Overview

    • Lesson 5 Original Hypnosis Class Video

    • Audio track Original Hypnosis Lesson 5

  • 6

    Class 6 - The effects of distraction on the conscious brain / Phraseology to create emotional desire

    • Class 6 Overview

    • Lesson 6 Original Hypnosis Class Video

    • Audio track Original Hypnosis Lesson 6

  • 7

    Class 7 - The importance of suggestions over questions / further Induction demonstrations

    • Class 7 Overview

    • Lesson 7 Original Hypnosis Class Video

    • Audio track Original Hypnosis Lesson 7

  • 8

    Class 8 - 5 things to look for to determine whether hypnosis has actually taken place / Delivering suggestion

    • Class 8 Overview

    • Lesson 8 Original Hypnosis Class Video

    • Audio track Original Hypnosis Lesson 8

About Jonathan Chase

Jonathan Chase

Coach, Hypnotist, Author, EDUTAINER

With over 30 years experience in Hypnosis and it's allied arts, I've co-Founded the World Renowned Academy of Hypnotic Arts. Because I'm passionate about empowering success orientated people, your talents and performance, my target is helping you to subconsciously succeed. And to do all that hypnotically and simply.

I teach fast, fun and effective hypnotic methods that I have innovated and are unique to my teaching style which people have travelled from all corners of the world to train in with me and the Hypnoart's brand.

I am honoured to have been Awarded a 'Command Performance' for my Fundraising work on stage by the National CIU and have in my long and privileged career gained the respect of the public and media.
"Britain's Leading Hypnotist" Mail on Sunday
"Master Hypnotist" Sunday Times Magazine
"Your Mind is in Safe Hands" Central ITV

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