What’s the Easiest way to learn how to hypnotise? By Osmosis, Watch then copy, it’s how you learned to walk and talk.

Hypnosis Installed Online Learning Experience Jonathan Chase ‘The Hypnotist’ get the ONLY Official copy from us and get your *BONUS offer.

Watch the trailer showing the cutting edge approach used to install everything you need to be a Hypnotist and all you have to do is watch!

Includes your Hypnotist Confidence session from “Britain’s Leading Hypnotist”. JonChase

Hypnosis Installed 1.0 World Renowned Hypnosis Techniques Training

The only videos designed to use Hypnosis to teach Hypnosis!

Learn How to be a Hypnotist with Jonathan Chase and his team of Hypnotists in the comfort of your own home just by turning the world off and watching.

Featuring Tim Box, Darren Altman, Paul Dawkins, Amy Casey, Elaine Hodgins, Jane Bregazzi

This is for you if...

  • You want to be able to hypnotise and learn how to do fast, elegant inductions in minutes.
  • You want to be able to have it installed by just watching a Hypnosis Video so that you can do it with Confidence!
  • You want to be able to use a unique ‘Silver Bullet’ technique Hypnotic Symbolism so that you can be a better Hypnotist, work faster and with more effectiveness.

Learn Rapid Hypnosis techniques and Hypnotic Symbolism with this digital Hypnosis learning experience using hypnosis to teach hypnosis. This is a learn hypnosis installation process using cutting edge audio and video technology combined with hypnosis techniques.

Immerse yourself in this programme and using osmosis you will have the ability to become a hypnotist and to hypnotise others. Simply watch and repeat the installation videos and become a confident, effective hypnotist.

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What You'll Learn

Video 1

You will see how to hypnotise, what inductions to use, what words to say, what processes to undertake, what actions to perform and what reactions to expect. You will learn how to terminate the sessions with the "Hypnotic Buzz" wake up protocol...

At the end of the installation Jon Chase takes you through your own hypnosis session designed to cement and anchor all the things you have learnt from this installation DVD, and help you become a confident hypnotist. DO NOT WATCH OR LISTEN while driving, flying or eating...

WARNING: This DVD may hypnotise you to believe you are the hypnotist.

Video 2

In addition to the regular installation video you can also listen to the Hypnotists director / producer commentary where Jonathan Chase and Tim Box will talk you through what you are seeing, offering up further insights, information, tips, suggestions and of course some humour.

Video 3

Rapid Inductions primer. Jonathan Chase and producer Jane Bregazzi illustrate the inductions used by the installation team.

Video 4

Hypnotic Symbolism Technique

A training video for the utilisation of the amazingly potent Symbolism method of hypnosis. Specific to Jonathan Chase, this method is a powerful tool in bringing great benefits to hypnotees and increasing the potency of your ability as a hypnotist. This direct and straightforward approach has been called, “The Silver Bullet method.” It is entirely content free - no need to analyse, regress or even know what the respondent is dealing with.

Learn the induction methods, the process, the methodology and the reasoning behind the use of symbolism in remedial hypnosis. 

See the process being used with volunteers by the five professional and amateur hypnotists.

Bonus Videos!

Featuring a 35 minute interview with Jonathan Chase by Tim Box offering insights into the man, his methods and his secrets.

Interviews with each of the installing hypnotists utilised in this video, Paul Dawkins, Tim Box, Elaine Hodgins, Darren Altman and Amy Casey.

Interviews with members of the public answering vital Questions to understand how people model hypnosis:

  • What is hypnosis?
  • How would you look hypnotised?
  • What would you use hypnosis for?

What Others Say

“This is a valuable addition to the library of any hypnotist. I also think it is a useful extension of the material JC is best known for regarding stage hypnosis. It is characteristically simple, free from filler and has some fresh ideas.”

Anthony Jacquin

“You can’t afford to NOT have this. You’re missing out on a powerful skill, that pays for itself over and over! This is the ONE right now!”

Jay Noblezada

“An immaculately produced and beautifully executed piece of hypnosis training which, if you’re serious about learning hypnosis or enhancing what you do already, it shouldn’t just be top of your shopping list, it should be purchased right away.”

Reg Blackwood

“Hypnosis Installed changed me. Two sentences Jon Chase said …”there are no rules. Do it your way.” made me lose my nerves..”

Taw Pruitt

“A nicely put together package”

Paul McKenna

What You'll Get